Getting Chilly ❄️

Time flies by so quickly! Fall is here, and winter is soon approaching. It’s cold here in Flagstaff. What’s better than curling up by the fireplace and reading a book on a cold, autumn day? For me, almost nothing!


How do you recover from a chilly day? Let me know in the comment. Don’t forget that the Eggtooth Editions Chapbook contest ends in a little over a month!

See you all next week!

Something Spooky

With Halloween approaching, we need to tackle the most horrifying image an author can face…. The Blank Page! (Dun dun DUN)

Facing down a blank page can be intimidating

Feared by many and encountered by all, the blank page of a notebook or word processing program can feel like a bottomless abyss. What tips and tricks do you use to start writing?
Here are some of mine:

  • Brainstorming- go for a walk or listen to some music
  • Mind mapping or outlining some ideas
  • Setting a personal deadline
  • Setting a timer for 30 minutes to start writing whatever comes to mind
  • Getting inspiration from fellow writers
  • Go out and write at a different location like a library or coffee shop

I hope these tips help. If you have any advice, please share them in the comments below! This is Cassie, the Eggtern, signing off!~

Sneak Peak of Modern Audubon

Hello everyone! Our recent contest winner, Modern Audubon by Joshua Daniel Edwin will soon be published. How exciting! Here’s a sneak peak of the cover in the meantime:

I just can’t wait for the chapbook to come out. I think you all will enjoy it!

This is Cassie, your favorite “Egg”tern signing out for today. Have a lovely weekend everyone! And don’t forget to enter this year’s Eggtooth Editions Chapbook contest 🙂

Northern Arizona Book Festival!

This is Cassie, the Eggtern, speaking! I had a wonderful time at the Northern Arizona Book Festival last weekend. Firecreek Coffee Company and several other locales hosted several speakers including our 2017/2018 winner Katie Quinnelly! Our own creative nonfiction editor Lawrence Lenhart also helped organized the event. What a great way to support local talent here in Flagstaff!

Contest Submissions Are Open!

The 2019/2020 Eggtooth Editions contest has now begun. Contest winners receive publication of the winning manuscript as a physical book; 20 author’s copies of the chapbook; and an invitation to read at the Narrow Chimney Reading Series or the Northern Arizona Book Festival. The Eggtooth Editions Chapbook Contest is open to anyone writing in the English language who has not previously published a full-length book. See: for more information.